On-Line Resources


On-Line Resources:


Slotsky, Alice, 1997, The Bourse of Babylon, CDL Press. Centuries of spot commodity prices, available on-line.


The Oxyrhynchus Papyri On-line index of the texts.


Search other ancient papyri via Perseus


Financial papyri at Yale: http://beinecke.library.yale.edu/papyrus. Search under subject = bank


Yale Numismatics Collection.


American Numismatic Society Resources and Links


The Suan shu shu 筭數書 'Writings on Reckoning [look for business problems]


Hallo, William, Ulla Kasten, Martin Shubik, 2005, “The Emergence of Economic Institutions in Mesopotamia” The Museum of Money and Financial Institutions.


Source material for research on Tuscan families, taxes and investments from David Herlihy’s Computer files. Castato Study data.


Materials on Benjamin Franklin’s Will.


The Franklin Papers at Yale University. An extraordinary resource on one of America’s great financial visionaries. A treasure-trove totally searchable by keyword.


Yale ICF collection of historical NYSE prices.


Yale ICF Shanghai Stock Exchange Project. Historical price data on securities, 1870-1930’s.


Yale ICF St. Petersburg Stock Exchange Project. Historical price data on securities from 1869-1917.


Yale ICF London Stock Exchange Project. Historical price data on securities, 1869 -1930, including world bond markets, world equity issues and domestic securities.


Samples of historical securities from the age of global capital markets: www.numistoria.com


Beinecke/ICF history of finance collection. On-line Exhibit, Link to searching the collection.


Cowles 3rd, Alfred and Associates, Alfred, 1939, Common Stock Indexes, Second Edition, Principia Press Inc, Bloomington, Indiana Available from the Yale ICF at SOM.


Harvard Business School Exhibition: Sunk in Lucre’s Charms: South Sea Bubble Resources in the Kress Collection