The West of the Imagination

William H Goetzmann

William N Goetzmann

A beautifully illustrated companion volume to the PBS Series of the same name, THE WEST OF THE IMAGINATION is a comprehensive study of the iconology of the Western Frontier in the popular and high arts in America. The West as seen through the eyes o f artists is the west of the imagination. From the first sketch of the Rocky Mountains by western explorers, to the wild riders of Frederic Remington to the inscutable cow sculls of Georgia O'Keeffe, to the present-day earth scultures of Michael Heizer, scribed into the western landscape itself, Western Art, factually correct or not, has created a compelling and enduring American myth.

THE WEST OF THE IMAGINATION traces the visual evolution of the myth of the American West, from the West as unknown frontier to the West as the long-lost repository of rugged American values. Through the narrative of Pulitzer-Prize winning historian William H. Goetzmann and art historian and financial economist William N. Goetzmann, we see the visual re-interpretation of the West and its peoples by European-American as well as Native-American artists. Interpreting the West is an on-going cultural pr ocess that continues to the present. The art of the American West is a cultural mirror of American aspirations, fears, sins, passions, values and prejudices. Read about them all in THE WEST OF THE IMAGINATION.

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