Part I: The Romantic Horizon

1. The View From Peale's Museum
2. George Catlin: Saving the Memory of a Vanishing Race
3. The Vogue for Gallieries and Compendia: Stanley, Kane and Eastman
4. European Science and the Noble Savage
5. The Mountain Man: A Fair Likeness

Part II. The Golden Land

6. Destiny and Democracy
7. Shattering the Rim of Christendom
8. Picturing Manifest Destiny
9. The Great Reconaissance
10. Overland to an Empire: Dream, Nightmare, Reality
11. The El Dorado Vision
12. Epilogue in San Francisco

Part III. Images of Glory

13. Bierstadt's Mighty Mountains
14. The Wonders of Yosemite
15. Artist and Photographer in Wonderland
16. The Grandest Canyon of Them All
17. Images of Progress
18. Episodes of Glory
19. Views of Tragedy
20. The Resurrection ofthe Romantic Red Man

Part IV. The Wild Riders

21. Frederic Remington: No Teacup Tragedies
22. C.M. Russell, The Cowboy Genius

Part V. Play the Legend

23. The American Scout Triumphant
24. Cowboys and Cameramen
25. Pictures Tell the Story
26. Cowboys Create History
27. Westerns Make History

Part VI. Other Voices, Other Wests

28. Escape to Taos
29. Left Bank on the Rio Hondo
30. What Have You Done With Your Land
31. The Indian Renaissance
32. Montezuma's Return
33.The Transcendent West of Georgia O'Keeffe