€FAQ On Financial Management I Netsite

Q: I got on the pages in the computer lab, but the graphics look fuzzy?

A: Unfortunately, the public cluster PCs at SOM only support 16-color graphics, so you are not getting the full effect. The netsite will work fine, and most users so far haven't even noticed the difference.

Q: Can I get the site with full graphics?

A: Sure. There are two ways to do this. One, use one of the Power Macintoshes, which support millions of colors. Two, if your computer has more color support at home, you can use SOM remote access to dial-in and call up the page.

Q: You mean, these pages are accessible from anywhere in the world?

A: Yup, just point Netscape at URL "http://viking.som.yale.edu/mppm540.html". SOM WWW servers have had hits from as far as Russia and South Africa.

Q: I don't have Netscape, can I use another browser.

A: The official line is - we only support Netscape (versions 1.1 through 2.0). But, any other browser will probably work okay, its just that we do not guarantee optimal performance without Netscape. Netscape can be freely downloaded from Netscape's home page, and versions exist for the Mac, PC and UNIX platforms.

Q: Can I print?

A: Click on the print icon in Netscape when you have called up the page you want to print.

Q: Okay, I clicked on the mail so and so button, and got an error message. What the heck?

A: Your browser has not been given an email address. To enable this feature select the options menu, and select Preferences. Once preferences is open, select the news and mail preferences. There you must enter your name and email. Once you do this, yo u can send email from Netscape. Unfortunately, the Rev-Rdist program at SOM wipes out this file each time you restart your computer. We have alerted computer services to this problem, but it would not hurt to mention it to them again.

Q: The MPPM server is down, but I have another way of accessing the internet (Yale C&IS, Compuserve, AOL, ...), can I access the site?

A: Yes. The site resides on viking, Will Goetzmann's Sparc20. It is independent of the MPPM server, so if you can get on the internet, you can get to us.

Q: Should I buy Netscape stock?

A: Hey, your finances are your business. Their P/E ratio is a tad high, but earnings are reported by Netscape to be 15% above Wall Street's estimates. Now, if only I had the $140 per share.

Q: Can I get a virus from Netscape?

A: As long as you do not download any files to your machine, no. There is no way to get a virus from just viewing pages, sending email, etc, ...

Q: Is this the only way to get class notes, announcements and other stuff?

A: No. Everything on this site that you are accountable for is duplicated in print one way or another. If you need something, ask a TA or the professors. Obviously, we cannot duplicate some of the interactive parts on paper. We think that this site wi ll really help in your work, and also provide an efficient means of supplying class materials, as well as enhancing interaction and collaboration.

Q: I have a question that I think should be included in this FAQ, what should I do?

A: E-mail will@viking.som.yale.edu.

Q: I am totally clueless about this Netscape stuff, and I am lucky that I even got to the FAQ. Help!!!

A: Don't worry, Netscape sounds very big and scary at first, but it is a breeze to use. Just ask someone in the computer lab, spend a few minutes looking at the documentation from Netscape that we have provided, and then just play around. You can't do a nything wrong, so do not be afraid to experiment. Netscape has only been around for two years, so there is no such thing as an old-timer, we are all new users.

Q: Allright, the FAQ is over, any last advice?

A: Yes. To go back to the page you came from, click on the BACK icon. Good luck, and happy surfing.

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